Tips For Creating A Converting LATHER Affiliate Post

When creating your LATHER Affiliate Posts keep the following tips in mind for commission generating posts.


Followers buy from you because they trust you. Explain why you are passionate about LATHER products. Here are a couple of selling points that may speak to you. Don’t simply list benefits in a bullet point format. Instead, tell your followers why each or all of the selling points you are passionate about.

Cruelty-free.  Your followers can shop with confidence if they are passionate about stopping animal cruelty. LATHER is a proud member of PETA and listed in their annual Shopping Guide for Caring Consumers

Sustainability. LATHER is dedicated to creating a sustainable company. From using soy-based ink to rewarding employees who use public transportation to packaging, LATHER believes in protecting the earth and valuing its resources. Click here for the full list of how LATHER goes beyond its ingredients to be a truly green company.

Ingredients. LATHER stands behind its mission of Its What’s on The Inside That Counts. All LATHER products include essential oils and unique ingredients to nourish your skin and soul. What will you never find in LATHER products? Sulfates or parabens, synthetic colors, and fragrances or mineral oil. As a commitment to transparency, LATHER offers this complete ingredient glossary.

High performance. All of the above means nothing if the product doesn’t work. LATHER is aware of this fact and produces quality and high-performance skin care. Remember that LATHER goes beyond care for your body and face. LATHER also has candles, teas, deodorant, and wellness balms


Note, there is an s at the end of Call to Actions. Tell your audience you want them to click on your links. Let your followers know that by clicking on your links they are supporting the blog and social media they love. To be compliant with the Federal Trade Committee (FTC), by law you need to disclose. I am here to tell you this also makes a great call to action. Be honest and upfront. Your followers want you to be successful.

Don’t leave your call to action for the end of the post. People skim articles online no matter how brilliant and witty you are.  Have a call to action with your affiliate links at the beginning (your disclosure), middle (product links under your image) and the end. Your final call to action should include an offer. LATHER always has free shipping and samples.


I create campaign asset pages that are product and promotion specific. These pages are located on the blog and are a great resource. These pages even include ideas to promote LATHER.


One of the beautiful things about affiliate marketing is the opportunity to earn passive income. Make your posts and affiliate links easy to discover. Have a Recommended Products or Shop page on your top navigation with all the brands you support and adore.

Ensure your post is optimized for the search engines with proper tags and keywords. Here is a great article by Hubspot on how to optimize a blog post. Be sure to optimize for your niche. It will be challenging to optimize for ‘makeup tips’ but ‘best vegan lipsticks’  has more opportunities.

Include two to three tags on your post to ensure your followers can find your post on your site. This also helps with the search engines.